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As interior designers we often come across a popular but misplaced notion that one particular element is the most important component to great design and its ok to ignore (almost) other elements. Now, if there is a wrong then it is this idea- that’s because the furniture, flooring, wall color or anything for that matter is not the hero alone but all components together comprise the perfect design. A design in which what you do with your windows is as crucial or essential as it is to ensure that you painted the ceiling. So in honor of the windows, we are going to talk about blinds and curtains.

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Question 1: Why do you need blinds or curtains?

While we hope that no one questions the use of a good pair of curtains or blinds but then some people do question their value saying things like- but the window is closed and pretty, why then? So here is the answer:

  • Curtains and blinds protect the room from heat, harsh sunlight and so on. Direct sunlight is not only going to heat up the room, expose you to harmful UV rays but can also cause wear and tear to the furniture or upholstery etc. They basically act like a shield that protects and also helps control the temperature inside your home.
  • Offer much needed privacy and It is as simple as living in a glass house- unless one covers the windows, everyone and anyone can see inside your house. So basically everything from the 3D plasma TV to your wardrobe is out there for the world to see.
  • Add aesthetic appeal and beautifully complete the look of any area. They are essentials like the icing on a cake- the cake doesn’t stand a chance if the chef added salt in the icing instead of sugar.
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Question 2: Curtains or Blinds

Well, here the answer is actually no answer! That is because it totally depends on your choice and preference. While there was a time when there were 10 times the choices in curtains as opposed to blinds but today one can use fabrics and other materials in blinds also which make them a viable and suitable option. But since you ask us- maybe go with blinds in the kitchen, bathroom and such spaces because you can steer clear of fabric and thus buy yourself something that is low maintenance. Curtains are easier to install and are an old school beauty but then I can remove, wash and reinstall the blinds in my room in the same amount of time as it takes me to wash the kitchen curtain!

Blinds Plus Curtains Equals Beautiful Form and Function

At the end, whether you chose blinds or curtains is not really the debate but the important thing is to get it right. And for that my friend you need to factor in everything- from utility to budget and the colors of the existing components in the room. Think about the mood of the room, the colors and textures of the wall, flooring and furniture items, size of the room, whether you want 100% opaque or you want daylight to filter in at all times and other such details before choosing the fabric or material for your window dressing. And always remember, it’s dressing- an add on with utility, so it must complement the other stuff!

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