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The famous painter Marc Chagall said “all colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites” and that my dear friend is what is so great about complimentary color schemes in decorating. To cut a long story short, complementary color schemes are the best way to create an aura of vibrancy, vitality and sparkling energy in any area. At Maximal Interiors, we can help you decide not just the right colors to achieve this but also promise to make sure that the end product is something you love and adore as much as that pair of jeans you bought with your first salary!

The basic premise of complementary color scheme is to pick colors that occupy opposite spots on the color wheel so that the area does not feel drab or dull. In doing so, one is able to highlight a certain aspect of the room, create a spotlight for a certain special accessory or piece of furniture or even turn that tiny ante-room in your house into a statement! We at Maximal interiors will turn the very areas and spaces in a building that are a compromise for you into something that you will love and be happy about always. So be it the small bathroom or the room which has no windows, allow up to choose the right colors that will turn these compromise zones into statement areas of your home.

A complimentary color scheme is exciting and yet it is the simplest with one color acting as the dominant shade and the other acting as an accent. An illustration would be a room with blue walls and an orange sofa or a single wall painted in orange with the others being blue would be a safe way to use the complementary color scheme. Now if you like drama and want to create a corner that pops then you can choose to have a high contrast between the colors or if understated is more your style then we could dilute the accent by adding white to it.

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Complimentary color scheme is exciting and yet it is the simplest with one color acting as the dominant shade

Now we at Maximal Interiors think of you, our clients as not customers but partners and we want you to feel involved and informed as you decorate your home or office with us. And so we are going to give you the golden rules which you need to remember when thinking of complimentary color schemes:

  • Neutral colors are a must when decorating with complementary colors because they bring balance and provide the eye a resting space.
  • Minimalist is the key when it comes to complementary schemes which means that if you are going to play around with the walls then keep the upholstery simple- too much drama is overwhelming
  • Complementary scheme is not about two colors alone always- use different hues and tints of the color to spread your color scheme easily across furniture, accessories and the walls.

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With those 4 points in mind, you are on the path to designing a room which is as unique, colorful and bright as you are! Just remember that at the end of the day, the design is first an expression of you and then maybe about the pro tips article in the latest issue of a home ideas magazine!


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