Decoding Corian Stones

The famous Steve Jobs once wisely said that design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works. Now when you think about Corian stones then these wise words ring a bell. But what is Corian stone you ask. Of course you ask that because the only thing you know about is Korea and Korean food. So read on as we the interior ninja’s at Maximal introduce you to this wonder material.

Corian is basically a solid surface material which was created sometime around 1970 and is made of acrylic polymer and a derivative of bauxite ore. It is a cross between granite and laminates which offers a uniform, solid texture. While traditionally counter-tops and bench-tops use natural materials like granite or marble but then corian offers a few key advantages that will definitely make you demand Corian stones the next time you redesign.

Corian Stone Samples

C for Colors
Corian stones are today available in some 100 different shades not to mention the beautiful patterns that can be created. This means only one thing- unique and exclusive and at Maximal interiors we truly believe that your home deserves to be as unique and special as you are.

C for Cost

As opposed to granite or marble which are conventional choices when it comes to kitchen or the bathroom Corian offers a lot of creativity at a much lower cost thereby making it pocket friendly and economical. Also it’s not prone to cracking, and is generally easier to fabricate with less wastage, all of which translates into lower prices for the average, basic install.

 C for Care

Corian is a durable choice for the bathroom or the kitchen or even for the washbasin because it is relatively immune to the damage that strong, abrasive chemicals can effect in marble or other materials. So you can easily use the average kitchen cleaner or soap and water solution without worrying about any damage. Even in terms of scratches, dents and heat damage Corian does not score far behind other materials as basic rules of not placing hot pans directly or skipping the cutting board are all you need to follow to ensure longevity.

Corian stone | Maximal Interiors

Corian stone durablity


C for Corners

Corian also scores in being able to give you an almost seamless look which is seldom the case with granite or other similar materials. Even though it is also installed in pieces or sections like other materials but the materials and system used usually results in a monolithic, “seamless” look with most colors. This means that you can create illusions of space and size even in a smaller space.

Corian Corners | Maximal Interiors

Corian Stone Corners

C for Creativity

Corian offers tremendous room for creatively designing any space because it can be molded into essentially any shape or curve allowing for almost limitless design possibilities. The edges of the stone can be designed in any shape from the classic to the stylish and curved which in addition to the seamless look contribute to a clean, tidy and well-designed look. This pliability is what allows for integrated sinks, seamless backsplashes and inlays, which no other material offers.

Corian stones | maximal Interiors

Creative Designs using Corian stones

So at the end, armed with the 5 C’s of Corian we think you should definitely not nod in solemn agreement the next time your friendly neighbor turned advisor tries to sell granite or marble for the bathroom vanity or kitchen top. For all your corian stones related services, contact Maximal Interiors Bangalore.

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