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Charles Eames, a famous architect and furniture designer said once that “the details are not the details. They make the design.” This statement is very close to our philosophy at Maximal Interiors because we truly believe that when one designs a living space then every little corner and every single element should tell the story of the inhabitants. Going with this philosophy, we believe that the bathroom and the living room are both equally important so lets talk about two very important spaces in your house- the bathroom and the kitchen and how they don’t have to be just functional and can be as special and unique as your carefully crafted living room.

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Bathroom Design with Designer Glass and Tiles Pic credit HGTV

In this post, we want to open your horizon and introduce you to the wonderful world of designer glass and tiles which are excellent options for both these spaces. But we at Maximal Interiors believe that you, our customers should take the decisions independently so we will first tell you why we like these two materials:

  1. Firstly, glass is reflective and thus creates an impression of openness thereby giving an aura of openness and expanse
  2. Glass is also an essential component of Feng shui, Zen and Vastu friendly solutions and designs
  3. Tiles and glass are perhaps the easiest to maintain and can be installed easily and quickly without much hassle.
  4. Designer glass offers an easy way to create partitions and walls without making any area claustrophobic or cloistered. As an illustration, think about your wardrobe corner in the room or a glass wall separating the living area and dining area.

Designer glasses and tiles are especially popular for bathrooms and kitchens because these materials are more durable and practical in the context of water, heat and moisture that is unavoidable in these areas. A kitchen window made of fused glass or stained glass adds a pop of color and brightness. Similarly, tiles these days also come in different textures and finishes thereby adding character and depth to any area. We love these two materials for their simplicity, ease of installation and maintenance and high impact and leave you with some amazing pictures that will surely make you fall in love also.

Designer Glasses and Tiles | Maximal Interiors

In this picture, the tiles on the wall bring a unique brightness to the space and the floor tiles are creating definition without being monotonous or overpowering

The uniformity of hues from floor to ceiling are creating warmth and an aura of soothing, relaxation. The glass enclosure of the shower area helps create an illusion of space while also being more practical than a shower curtain.

Designer Glasses and Tiles | Maximal Interiors

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