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Are you one of those conventional, old school, traditional mind who believe that walls are meant to be pained and paper is meant for writing alone? If you said yes, then let us, your good friends at Maximal interiors let you in on a little secret….the use of wallpaper dates back to the 16th century. Now since we are your go to source for anything interiors so we thought we would round up the most important reasons for why you should definitely switch to paper because honestly, wallpaper has qualities which are the foundation of Maximal interiors.

Maximal Interiors Wallpaper Services

Textured Wallpaper for living room, rendering done by Maximal Interiors

  • Maximal Interiors means Longevity

Wallpaper wins over paint because it can last for 15 years and beyond which in comparison to paint is about 3 times as long as the best paint job in town. Now that means something which is long lasting, cost efficient, time saving and hassle free!

Maximal Interiors Wallpaper

Wallpaper work done by maximal Interiors Bangalore at Prestige Sunnyside, Whitefield

  • Maximal Interiors means Maximal Solutions

Paint on the walls is a great idea if the walls are perfect, smooth and free of any irregularity or rough edges etc. But then think about the rains, water seepage or the kind architect who added some awkward angles to your walls. Before you frown at the image of all these unpleasant things- think wallpaper. A wall paper is a great idea to cover up blemishes, imperfections and irregularities in any space.


Maximal Interiors Wallpaper

Bedroom Rendering with nice textured wallpaper done by Maximal Interiors

  • Maximal Interiors means Maximum Efficiency

In plain speak buying and installing wallpaper is always easier and efficient because you just need two things – a wall and a measuring tape. One can easily buy a smaller quantity ensuring less wastage and left over as opposed to paint where no shopkeeper is ever going to agree to “please give me 3/4th of the 5l can”. And this means you can easily play around with your space and choose different designs for different walls

Maximal Interiors Wallpaper | Prestige Sunnyside

Wallpaper work done by Maximal interiors at Prestige Sunnyside,     Whitefield

  • Maximal Interiors means Maximum Impact

Well, there is a plethora of options when it comes to the kind of wallpaper you can use. From colors to textures to designs to finish, there is an option to customize the wallpaper you choose in many different ways giving you tremendous leg room for creating a unique statement. Also, its so easy that you can liven up your space over the weekend itself by installing wallpaper and get a fresh new look without the trouble, cost or effort of redecorating.    

Maximal Interiors Wallpapers

Simple yet elegant wallpaper on the bedroom wall. Rendering done by maximal Interiors

In the end, it doesn’t matter what is your most important concern when it comes to redecorating, using wallpaper is a win-win in every category:

  • Cost- You buy defined quantities, waste less and it stays for years to come.
  • Ease of use- Very little preparation needed, all you need is a clean, dry wall!
  • Durability- Lasts for at least a decade.
  • Design- Plethora of options depending on texture, color, material, finish and so on.
  • Impact- Change the look of the room one wall at a time!!

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