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In this post, another popular design myth is going to get busted because we are going to tell you that stone cladding is not just meant for the exterior walls but is a great idea for your interior walls too! Stone cladding basically is a thin layer of real or replicated stone applied to architectural structure made of material other than stone using a mortar mix.

Well, stone cladding is a great idea to add some character and uniqueness to the walls in your home or office. As a material it is a lightweight virtual stone product that helps cut material costs and breaks the monotony of the material. Stone cladding uses different types of material like wood, veneer, tiles, aluminum, stainless steel and so on as the base. However irrespective of the material used, the front side or the visible part is always stone.

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The cladding and anchoring system are the two components that comprise stone cladding and there are a few general considerations which need to be kept in mind to determine the size and thickness of the cladding panels and the type of anchoring system to be used:

  1. Design loads and safety factors for cladding
  2. Physical properties of the stone
  3. Height at which the panel has to be installed
  4. Effect of heat, wind, rain and natural elements on the cladding

Stone cladding Pillar| Maximal Interiors ServicesStone cladding is used often in home and commercial buildings on the exterior walls because it works well to insulate the building from heat and warm weather. Stone cladding does not trap any heat and is generally preferred for its aesthetic appeal, durability, low maintenance and protective features. As a material inside the house It is widely used for dividing walls, external walls, kitchens, living room walls, open-fire places, bathrooms and dining areas, party rooms, entrance foyers and halls, studies or dens, staircases and garages.

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Stone cladding is a current favorite with Maximal Interiors because of the ease with which it adds a new dimension to any area. A panel of stone cladding works as a highlight of the room and creates a strong point of focus in the space. Stone cladding is our favorite- both outside and inside the house and we just want to share the love with a few images. Check out our stone cladding designs here

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