Triad Color Scheme

When you enter any room- what is the first thing that catches your eye? The shape of the sofa or the colors in the room, chances are you said colors like the majority. And honestly that is the truth, color has the capacity to make or break the ambience of a room. A color scheme that combines three colors equally spaced on a color wheel is called a triad. The easiest triad is red, yellow and blue — the primary colors. At Maximal Interiors, we understand that you want your home or office to make an impression as stunning as your personality and so we love the playful, bright and fresh vibes of the triad color schemes.

The essence of a triad scheme is to use colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel to create a youthful, energetic and vibrant space. However, before you embark to paint your walls yellow, blue and red let us help you figure out the pros and cons of this color scheme. While the scheme is fairly simple to execute yet there is always a risk of overplaying the playfulness and ending up with a room that feels claustrophobic, small and a mass of eye popping colors.

At Maximal interiors, we like using this scheme especially in 3 spaces but then if you are someone who loves the vibrant and energetic vibe then we can help you create that lovely ambience and effect in whichever room you choose. However, a word of caution here- colors in the scheme can be overwhelming and so one must be careful to use them in a manner that allows for lighter hues and soothing tones as much as the drama and youthfulness.

The children’s room and nursery is a great area to use triad color schemes. The reason is simple- children are all about playing, jumping around and exuberant energy and a cream wall with cherry wood furniture would just not do for the energy machine that your child is!! A triad schemes in the children’s room is a big thumbs up from our side for this reason and also because you don’t have to go all blue or pink and can stay in a gender neutral color zone despite giving your child a special space.


kids Room

Kids room color combination by Maximal Interiors

The children’s room is kind of an obvious choice for this scheme but then at Maximal interiors we also encourage clients to decorate their guest bedrooms using this scheme. The idea is to create a lasting impression and the interplay of three colors always ensures that you achieve that. A pro tip here is that often the guest room is the space where you just throw in the remaining left over furniture and thus the triad color scheme is often the low cost way to create a statement even with the left overs!

Master Bed Color Scheme

The third recommendation from us is to use it in your reception area at work- let everyone who walks in to your office go back with a great visual impression of your office or maybe in the exterior of your house. I am saying blue walls with an accent of red and green tiles or perhaps violet tiles with orange accents and deep brown woodwork. At the end triadic schemes create vibrant, rich, strongly contrasted colors to spruce up your home décor while keeping the space balanced and harmonious in essence.

Reception area with vibrant colors

Reception area with vibrant colors

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